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Provider Login


How do you register? Send an email to register@wpsic.com with the following information: Administrator name, email address, tax ID, and practice name.

Arise Health Plan works closely with Wisconsin provider networks and doctors to help give members peace of mind and quality care. We value our relationship with our health care providers and appreciate your participation in Northeast and Northcentral Wisconsin's premiere health plan. 

Arise Health Plan Provider Portal is now available

When you set up your account, the Arise Provider Portal gives you access to health plan information for patients, claim information, and secure emails. If you already have an account for WPS Health Insurance, you can use the same account for both WPS and Arise.

The Patient Inquiry function provides information on benefits, network, eligibility, and limits for deductibles, coinsurance, copays, and more.

The Claim Center allows you to search by member number and rendering provider to find claim
information. You can check to see if a claim was processed and if there were any errors.
You can also submit an electronic claim to Arise.

The portal allows you to send and receive secure emails to and from Arise through the Message Center.

Try out the new Arise Provider Portal today! To register for an account, send an email to register@wpsic.com with the following information: administrator name, email address, tax ID, and practice name. Once your account is set up, the Site Administrator Guide and the Sub Users Guide can help walk you through the various site areas.


Arise iExchange tool

iExchange for Prior Authorization Requests

We are excited to announce that Arise providers will have access to
iExchange beginning Oct. 1, 2015.

iExchange is a web-based tool used to facilitate timely prior authorization review.
Prior authorization requests should be submitted electronically via iExchange.

Using iExchange when submitting these requests results in quicker approvals, the ability to monitor requests, access to alerts when cases are updated, and less administrative expense associated with phone calls and faxes. Click here to read our flyer for more information on the benefits of using iExchange!

Some Arise providers may already be familiar with iExchange through a WPS account. If you are not currently using iExchange to submit prior authorization requests, please click here to set up an account today or contact us at iexchange@wpsic.com.

Onsite training is also available for your convenience.