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For a copy of the printed Provider Directory please call a Member Services Representative at Aspirus Arise: 1-800-332-3297

Before you visit any provider or facility, we recommend you to call ahead to confirm their network status, address, office hours, and that they are accepting new patients.

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The First Health Network is a large national network of directly held contracts with more than 5,000 hospitals, more than 90,000 ancillary facilities, and more than 1 million health care professional service locations in the United States, including Puerto Rico. Your plan includes the First Health Net­work as a wrap network for employees whose children attend school out of state and employees and their families that travel outside Wisconsin. Employees living out of state can also access the First Health Network for in-network care.

Disclaimer: All Mayo locations in Wisconsin and throughout the country are out of network; e.g., Mayo Clinic Health System, Mayo Clinic Rochester, Mayo Clinic Hospital - Saint Mary Campus, Mayo Clinic Hospital - Methodist Campus, Mayo Clinic Phoenix/Scottsdale, etc.

All Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA)/Midwest Regional Medical Center (MRMC) locations and the physicians billing at these locations through Patient First, SC or CTCA Prof Corp are considered to be out of network.

You will incur higher out of pocket costs if you choose to receive care at any of these locations.

Non-Network Specialists and Tertiary Care require a pre-service authorization. The authorization must be approved by Aspirus Arise prior to services being rendered. For further information, please contact Aspirus Arise at (800) 332-3297.

Tertiary Care services are provided by specialized hospitals or providers that are often linked to medical schools or teaching hospitals. Local providers and hospitals may refer patients to a tertiary hospital for major operations, consultations with sub-specialists and when sophisticated intensive care services are required. Tertiary Care Hospitals are available for benefits at the in-network level for Medically Necessary specialized care only, with an approved pre-service authorization.

Facility Information Validation:
Facility accreditations are verified by the Credentialing Department during the initial credentialing process and again every three years. Facility name and location are obtained on the credentialing application and validated every 3 years as part of the recredentialing process. Please note the following limitations: Changes to the accreditation status of a facility made by the accrediting body within the three year cycle and/or changes in name or location due to acquisitions, relocations, etc. occurring within the three year cycle may not be reflected on this site.

Health Care Professionals are Participating Providers only at the locations specified.

Aspirus Arise does not use quality measures, member experience measures or cost-related measures to select practitioners and hospitals.

Directory Provider Information Verifications:

Specialty, Hospital Affiliations, Medical Group Affiliations & Languages spoken are verified by the Credentialing Department through the credentialing process every three years.

Acceptance of new patients is verified quarterly by the Network Development Department contacting the provider offices for updates.

Board CertificationsBoard Certification is the process by which a provider is tested and approved to practice in a specialty field. are verified by the Credentialing Department through the credentialing process every three years and if a certification expires is then re-verified upon the expiration date.

To check the board certification status for an MD/DO, the following methods are available for public use:

  1. American Board of Medical Specialities (ABMS) - Click on 'Is your doctor certified?' Create login following the on-screen instructions and perform search.
  2. American Medical Association (AMA) - Click on 'Doctor Finder.' Click on 'Patients.' Click on 'Doctor Finder.' Follow the on-screen instructions to perform search.
  3. American Osteopathic Association (AOA) - Call the AOA Member Service Center at 1-800-821-1773, option 1.

Practitioner name, gender and office location is obtained on the credentialing application and validated every 3 years as part of the recredentialing process.