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Claims Payment Policies

Arise Health Plan - Paper Claims and Claims-Related Correspondence Submission Address

Arise Health Plan
PO Box 21352
Eagan, MN 55121

Phone Number: (920) 490-6900 or toll-free (888) 711-1444
Fax Number: (920) 490-6921

Arise Health Plan Electronic Submission Information

Arise Health Plan has an affiliation with ClaimsNet, an electronic claims clearinghouse. As a participating provider office, you may submit your Arise Health Plan CMS-1500, UB 92, or their successors’ claims through ClaimsNet. We are providing this service to you as part of our billing enhancement program.

ClaimsNet offers accurate and rapid processing of your Arise Health Plan claims. It is an easy-to-use system which operates via the Internet. Once you complete the simple registration process, you will find the ClaimsNet system highly automated, reliable, and secure.

The first step in simplifying your claims submission process is to register through our on-line registration site. To do this, log on to PHP.CLAIMSNET.COM. You will find step-by-step instructions and will receive a personal follow-up from a ClaimsNet representative to ensure that your account is set up to your satisfaction.

If you have additional questions regarding ClaimsNet, please contact ClaimsNet Help Desk at 1-800-356-0092.