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Viewing providers within this search function does not guarantee in-network coverage. Our provider panels are subject to change, and visitors should use this function for basic informational purposes only, and not to confirm a provider’s participation with WPS Health Plan.

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For some products, in-network coverage is available outside of Wisconsin.  The First Health Network is a large national network of directly held contracts with more than 6,000 hospitals, more than 130,000 ancillary facilities, and more than 1 million health care professional services locations in the United States, including Puerto Rico.  For those products, the First Health Network can be used as a wrap network for employees whose children attend school out of state and employees and their families that travel outside Wisconsin. Employees living out of state can also access the First Health Network for in-network care.
For other products, the First Health Complementary Network can be used to help lower out-of-pocket costs for emergency services outside Wisconsin.
Contact us if you have specific questions about your potential options.

All Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA)/Midwest Regional Medical Center (MRMC) locations and the physicians billing at these locations through Patient First, SC or CTCA Prof Corp are considered to be out of network.

Quality Improvement Program

Quality Improvement Program drives organizational improvement for excellence through efficiencies, increasing the competitive advantage, and building trust and recognition in the community to improve the health status, safety, and satisfaction of our customers.

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How We Validate Information

We obtain a practitioner's name, gender, phone number and office location on the credentialing application and validate it every three years as part of the re-credentialing process.

Board certifications, specialty, hospital affiliations, medical group affiliations and languages spoken are verified by the credentialing department through an every three year process. Practitioner name, office location, acceptance of new patients and specialty are verified annually via an audit process conducted by us. Updates to the provider directory are completed within 30 calendar days of receiving new information from the provider.


How We Validate Information

Facility name, location phone number and accreditation are obtained and is verified by the credentialing department every three years upon initial credentialing and re-credentialing as part of the credentialing process. Updates to the information is completed within 30 calendar days of receiving new information from the facility.

Facility quality data information is available and maintained by CMS.  For more info, see: and

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