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Pharmacy Program

How can I renew my prescription?

Renewing a prescription is the process of starting the prescription over again after it has expired or all refills have been fulfilled. To renew a prescription, you can call your doctor’s office or login to Express Scripts, go to My Prescriptions, and print out the necessary forms. Another option is for Express Scripts to contact your doctor and request a renewal.

You can also order prescription refills online. Most plans allow you to receive a 30-consecutive-day supply from a retail pharmacy that participates in the plan. You can typically obtain your next refill when 75% of the days’ supply is used.

Customers may sign up for Express Scripts’ Home Delivery, a 90-consecutive-day supply of your prescription that is mailed directly to your home. Auto refills is a feature of Home Delivery that helps ensure you never risk running out of your medication. When you’re enrolled, the Express Scripts Pharmacy will automatically refill your maintenance prescriptions without you having to notify them every 30 or 90 days.