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Receiving Care

Arise Health Plan works to assure that quality medical services are available to you and your family members. Benefits are available for a variety of health care needs, from minor to catastrophic. Covered benefits will differ from group to group and could be subject to a deductible, copayment, and/or coinsurance. It is your responsibility to know your plan benefits and any limitations and exclusions that may apply. For complete information on what is covered under your insurance plan, please refer to your certificate of insurance or individual policy, or call Customer Service toll-free at 888-711-1444.

Going to the Doctor

From choosing a Primary Care Practitioner to deciding when to go to the doctor, we want to make sure your experience with our network is a positive one.

ID Cards

You will receive an identification card when you enroll with Arise Health Plan. This will identify you as an Arise Health Plan customer. Carry your ID card in your purse or wallet at all times.

Prior Authorizations

A Prior Authorization must be obtained prior to being seen by a provider outside of the network and before being seen at any in-patient facility.

Special Circumstances

When you are faced with unexpected medical circumstances, Arise Health Plan has you covered. For information about emergency, out of town and urgent care, click ’Special Circumstances’ above.


A claim is a request for payment for health care services that your health care provider turns in to the insurance company. For information on how to file a claim and what to do if a claim is denied, click ’Claims’, above.